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Here is the links page. We are ready to not only place a link to your site but also provide its short description. If there are articles on biology and cultivation of cacti and other succulents on your site we can place the links to them in the separate section.

If you know about interesting, informative sites on crested, monstrose, colored, hybrid, poly and dichotomic forms of cacti and other succulents please send the reference for accommodation on this page!

Also, if somebody has own photos of abnormal forms of cactuses and others succulents - send their Editor for the possible publication of article on this theme.

Links' sections:
  1. References to сultivars, cristate and monstrose forms
  2. Description and links to profile and related sites
  3. We recommend to visit
  4. List of articles on cacti and succulent plants placed on other sites:

1. References to сultivars, cristate and monstrose forms

  • Trond Gimre, Norway You may read about him in the N 6(7) of Cultivar.
  • Keith and Lorraine Thomas, California, USA, You may read about them in the Cultivar N 7(8) and in N 6(16).
  • Jure Slatner – SLOVENIA You may read about him in the "Cultivar" N 8(9) and N 9(10).
  • Photo gallery of commercial firm. Photos are very good. Sections: Astrophytum, Ariocarpus, Seedling, Variegata cactus, Succulent, Crest/Monstrose. Author - Veerasak Seetangsuk (Deaw), Thailand: "If you `re interested in ordering the plants from my webpage you can place an order by e-mail or fax it to me and then I will reserve plants for you. I hope you enjoy the pictures on my website.
  • IncredibleCactus", the Astrophytum lover's resource in Internet. We specialize in Astrophytum with our main focus on Asterias and Myriostigma. These plants are very unique. Thanks to Internet, you can now find beautiful Thai Cacti. By ordering directly from IncredibleCactus, you can inexpensively add to your collection. Thanin Bannarakna.
  • Succulent Tissue Culture (S.T.C.) was started in 1995 and is a small, though rapidly growing company, producing rare and endangered cacti and other succulent plants using in vitro techniques. Special project by Robert Wellens about on induction of variegation in succulents.
  • SANSEVIERIAS Very interesting site about Sansevieria: I have been growing Sansevierias for about ten years now and try to grow the species rather than the Cultivars. Though the odd one has crept into my collection which now stands at 180 plants. Sansevieria are amongst my favourite plants. Not all are Mother in Laws Tongues they come in all shapes and sizes to suit any location from the brightest to shadiest positions. Bellow are a few of the 200 Sansevierias species and cultivars that I grow. John Gamesby
  • Cristaten Starke I'm especially interested in the cristate forms. For the last 25 years I have gathered over 600 species, for the most part they cacti, but there are about 20 species from other botanical families. I'm constantly on the look out for more crested plants.

    2. Links to related sites

  • Bohemia Cactus - cacti and succulents, books, journals, links, advertisements etc.
  • This site is about the most beautiful and amazing Tropical plants that we collect in our garden and in Catalog, how to grow them and where to get (we do retail and wholesale). We'll share with you landscaping tips and do-it-yourself projects from our experience. The site is very picture-oriented - enjoy our Galleries! For Russian speakers we have translations for most pages: watch for sign at page headers.
  • Mikluha's Aquasite the most complete on-line encyclopedia on aquarium and fish keeping in Russian.
  • KrolikUdaff "Krolik's Nursery": cacti, orchids and various tropical and exotic plants grown by Krolik & Udaff (Ft. Lauderdale, FL).
  • The cactus and succulent plant mall (CSPM) is an Internet resource for all growers of cacti and succulent plants. It is regularly updated with information on cactus and succulent societies and suppliers of plants, seeds and literature on cacti and succulents. The CSPM has developed and hosts webpages for around 200 cactus and succulent organisations worldwide. It also aims to maintain as complete a list of web pages and other cactus and succulent related Internet facilities as possible.
  • "Cactimania" Site of Alexander Usikov from Togliatti (Russia). Help to the beginners. Big photo gallery to help to define a plant (in Russian only).
  • "Cacti from A to Z" Site about cacti and only cacti. The aim of the site is to gather the most complete information about these plants. Many links, a photo gallery (in Russian only).
  • Peter Lapshin's Photo Gallery of Succulents There are about 200 photos of the leave succulents (mainly from Crassulaceae family), articles on growing leafy succulents.
  • Home page of Dmitry Kushelevsky from Miass (the Southern Urals region). Photos of cacti grown by the author, lists of seeds and seedlings. Photos of the Southern Urals nature (in Russian only).
  • The cacti and the bromeliads of Brazil, and part of the nature that they exist in. Along with some words about the need to preserve their habitats. We present to you a vision of Paradise. Esteves.
  • Miles' To Go Miles' To Go offers Crested, Variegated, and Monstrose Cacti.

    3. We recommend to visit

  • GRIF firm - All about books, magazines, photo albums, I-net editions, video and CD on gardening, floristics and arrangement.
  • ARTSTONE STUDIO - fountains, clocks and relief items for home and office. Articles and elements for interieur. Sculptural modeling. Copying and duplication of the plastic arts objects. Mouldings from polymer materials.

    on cacti and succulent plants placed on other sites

  • Cactus and Succulent Society of America. In 1999, N4 issue - Edward F. Anderson, Ariocarpus: some reminiscences Miles Anderson Ariocarpus: cultivars: an overview of cristates, hybrids, monstrose forms and other oddities. Andreas Laras: Growing Ariocarpus from seed.
  • VOL.71, September/October 1999 No.5 W.A. & Betty Fitz Maurice New locations for Arijcarpus agavoides.
  • Living Rocks of Mexico More than 15 articles on Ariocarpus: Ariocarpus fissuratus, Ariocarpus: Some Reminiscences, A Study of the Proposed Genus Neogomesia, Ariocarpus Literature References.
  • Jure Slatner - SLOVENIA Albinomanija History of aibino cacti; Coloured decorative plants About Colours; Breeding Reproduction; Problems with identification Albino cacti made in Slovenia; Invitation.
  • Cactusomania Site of Alexander Usikov (Russia) More than 30 articles on growing cacti indoors, on their propagation, pests, anatomy and physiology and so on (in Russian only).
  • Mikluha's Aquasite Everything on lamps: their types, range, electric diagrams, usage. Over 60 articles all in all. There you can also read about the part of the carbonic acid gas in the life of the plants.
  • "Krolik's Nursery" (Ft. Lauderdale, FL):
    1. Photo gallery of more than 400 tropical and exotic plants (orchids, cacti and succulents, roses, flowering and fruit trees, palms and so on) (in Russian and English)
    2. PITAYA (Pitahaya) - Dragon Fruit (in English only)
    3. A hundred cacti and succulents (in Russian only)
    4. Orchid's greenhouse. Photos of about 50 orchids (in Russian only)
  • "Cacti shelf of Alexander Bunakov" More than a hundred articles on cacti and other succulents taxonomy, cultivation. The focus is made on Mexican plants (Aztekium, Turbinicarpus, Ariocarpus, Mammillaria, Epithelantha). Articles about caudex plants and other succulent rarities.
  • "Cacti from A to Z" Articles reprinted from the journals "Cacti and other xerophytes" and "Succulents". The list of cacti literature.
  • Peter Lapshin's Photo Gallery of Succulents There are about 200 photos of the leave succulents (mainly from Crassulaceae family), articles on growing leave succulents.
  • Home page of Dmitry Kushelevsky. Articles: "Greenhouses", "On sowing" (in Russian only).


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