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e-Magazine about exotic forms of Cactaceae
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Project by Valery Kalishev 
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This section for friends of Cultivar:
You can help us!

Dear friends, colleagues, cacti lovers...

Our magazine is devoted to anomalous forms of succulents, illustrated. Cultivar - a project of Walery Kalishev from Chelyabinsk, Russia. This is a real baby of Walery that was nourished by him and his team-mates for years. Walery Kalishev is a hydrometeorologist. He is an author of several books on weather and folk prognostication, rivers and lakes of the Urals. He's been growing cacti for more than 20 years and specializes only in colored forms. Compiler of the album "Abnormal forms of cacti and other succulents".

We regularly receive enthusiastic responses of our readers from very different countries and continents. We are touched when we encounter mentions of our magazine on various cactus websites and read kind words of the authors on those sites. We heartily thank all the readers who sent us stories and photos of interesting plants from their collections. You are always welcome! We are glad that our online edition is helpful and interesting. Meanwhile, very few people realize the actual effort that keeps our favorite Magazine up and running. Please take a look at this information that not everyone is aware of.

Online magazine Cultivar is now 5 years old. It's a long run for an online edition. Cultivar is a unique project worldwide. On our website, you will find 33 issues with 270 articles and over 2200 pictures! You can alaways get acquainted with a latest issue of the magazine or look through our archive. We are sure that the magazine should be available for free to all the visitors. People from all over the World enjoy Cultivar's reading. We have around 3000 unique visitors per month from 70-80 countries. USA – 29.8%, Russia – 21.6%, Europe – 18.5%

Now Cultivar needs your support, please help to save it!

Cultivar is a non-commercial project. It is a great joy to share our knowledge and fun with other people, and we are happy to be able to provide our readers from all over the world with a free information about amazing and unusual forms of cacti, to promote scientific news, private collections, shows, and so much more! For the past 5 years we succeeded to maintain the Magazine by means of a few enthusiasts on their own expense. Some members of our team are volunteers; others are sub-contractors that get paid for the job. All the expenses were coming from the founder's pocket.

Cultivar has grown Big. We've got more traffic and download/upload volume (can't stay on free or low-cost plans any more), more information to deal with, more projects and ideas to accomplish. At this point, it becomes impossible to keep it running without financing.

We are positive about further releasing of the magazine in English and Russian languages, as always. If you appeal our magazine and you want to help us we will be very appreciative to you. Mainly we are interested in helping with translation of the articles from Russian to English and vice versa. If you can translate just several pages of text (or if your friends are able to do it), or if you can pay for translation of 1-2 articles, our editorial staff will be grateful for your help. If you are planning to help us with money you can be confident because all sums will be used only for the needs of the magazine.

This financing is necessary first of all for providing a regular technical support of the edition, including: Hosting; Information research; search for materials; preparing photos; Scientific correcting; Technical correcting; Translations; Graphic design; Layout. The Addendum with Cultivar Online Magazine expenses you can find in the end of this page of our friends TopTropicals. Average cost of one issue is $$ 663.00 (see detailed info). We have 6 issues per year. The magazine is maintained by a small team of Russian scientists who's average ANNUAL income is compared to the amount of ONE issue cost (!). Virtually, inventive Russians!


We've been with you for 5 years. We loved you and worked hard for you. Now the time has come, and this is our turn to ask you, our readers, for help and support. We are hoping that you can help us to survive and to make our favorite magazine even better!

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The contributors will be provided with the following (per your request):

  • A custom-made CD with a full Cultivar Subscription (all 33 issues)
  • Free advertising on Cultivar website
  • Cultivar Printed Issue "Succulent" (in English)
  • Posting your name on a special THANK-YOU page (please notify us if you want to stay anonymous)

Thank you in advance for your help. God bless you.


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