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Photo 1. Река Avon

Photo 7. Дорожки сада

Photo 11. Люди, отдыхающие на лужайках сада

Photo 12.

Photo 13.

Photo 14. Английский бордер

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About the Botanic Gardens in Christchurch town, New Zealand

Eleanor Winks, New Zealand

Photo 4. Центральный вход в ботанический сад

Photo 5. Главный фонтан

Photo 2. Клумбы и все растения поддерживаются работниками садa

Photo 3. Недалеко от центра города: улочка, ведущая к ботаническому саду

Photo 6. Маленькая рощица корабельных сосен

Photo 8. Газоны подстригаются регулярно, по расписанию

Photo 15. Английский бордер

Photo 17. Английский бордер

Christchurch was officially settled by the British in 1850. These pioneering settlers brought with them the gardening traditions of their homeland. It was just thirteen years after their arrival that the initial plans were made to form the present Botanic Gardens.

On 09 July 1863, an English oak tree was planted in the Gardens to commemorate the marriage of the English monarch, Queen Victoria's eldest son Prince Albert Edward to Princess Alexandra of Denmark. This is regarded as the foundation date of the Botanic Gardens.

Control of the Botanic Gardens was until 1946 vested in the Christchurch Domains Board. Due to financial difficulties the government dissolved the Board and placed control and funding under the jurisdiction of the Christchurch City Council. Today responsibility for the management of the Gardens is with the Botanical Services Team of the Greenspace Unit, Christchurch City Council.

The grounds of the Botanic Gardens encompass an area of 30 hectares (74 acres), the majority of this being within a loop of the Avon River. Until 1863, the Gardens were largely natural wetlands and sand dunes. Since this time, they have been transformed into a place of beauty with undoubtedly one of the finest collections of exotic and indigenous plants to be found anywhere in New Zealand. There are numerous large majestic trees, many of which are in excess of 120 years, and form a majestic background to the numerous plant collections and sweeping lawns.

Photo 9. Цветущий эвкалипт на фоне сосен

Photo 10. Почти столетняя араукария

Photo 16. Английский бордер

Photo 18. Английский бордер

Photo 19. Маленькая коллекция георгин

Photo 20. Когда в саду ЧП (упала ветка с большого дерева), воскресенье для работников сада отменяются


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