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Photo 1. Карта южного берега Крыма.

Photo 1b. Trichocereus bridgesii f. monstrosa

Photo 2. Ferocactus hybr. emoryi x wislizenii

Photo 3. Echinocereus pectinatus

Photo 4. Monvillea spegazzinii f. cristata

Abnormal forms of cacti in Nikitsky Botanical Garden

By Peter Lapshin, Moscow, Russia
Translated into English by Irina Ten (Virginia, USA)

Photo. Indoor exposition of cacti greenhouse.

Photo 6. Notocactus scopa f. monstrosa cv. 'Burgundi'

Photo 7. Blossfeldia liliputana

Photo 8. Austrocylindropuntia cylindrica

Photo 9. Neoporteria gerocephala f. monstrosa

Photo 5. Aylostera heliosa

Photo 10. Lophocereus schottii

Photo 11. Gymnocalycium mihanovichii f. variegata

Photo 12. Blossfeldia campaniflora

Photo 13. Coryphantha sp.

Photo 14. Aylostera muscula

Photo 15. Notocactus scopa f. cristata

In the article we would like to introduce you abnormal forms of cacti from the collection of Nikitsky Botanical Garden. The pictures were taken in July, 2003.

Cactus Greenhouse is a part of State Nikitsky Botanical Garden in Nikita village that is located to the East of Yalta town on the Southern seashore of the Crimea (see map, Fig. 1). Our magazine has already reported on Nikitsky Botanical Garden in the 21nd issue: "Nikitsky Botanical Garden – National Scientific Center". You can also read an article by Eugene Yerokhin in the current issue: "Cactus Greenhouse of Nikitsky Botanical Garden", in which the author tells about some unique plants from the cacti collection and share the experience of their cultivation in the Crimea climate.

In the main plant collection of Nikitsky Botanical Garden there are over 28 thousand of species grown indoors and outdoors. The cacti collection includes 600 species, varieties and forms, the succulents' collection – over 400 taxa.

Olga Goncharova is in charge of the greenhouse and Vera Novikova is a curator of the scientific collection. Nikitsky Botanical Garden concentrates on demonstrating species from wild nature, so there is a very small room for abnormal forms but they are still present. Their purpose is to show the diversity of species in succulent world.

The main part of cristates is held indoors. Abnormal forms were detected among seedlings or cuttings of the garden or purchased. They are kept in general collection, most of them grafted, others – on their own roots.

Cactus greenhouse of Nikitsky Botanical Garden has the website There you can make a virtual tour of the parks, of the indoor and outdoor expositions of cacti and other succulents (called "Cacti Yard"), or see the vast photo gallery of selected succulent plants.

Photo 18. Austrocylindropuntia clavarioides

Photo 19. Parodia sp. f. cristata

Photo 20. Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis f. variegata

Photo 21. Mammillaria sp. f. variegata

Photo 22. Mammillaria sp. f. variegata

Photo 23. Ferocactus sp. f. variegata


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