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Miramar-Jardins Costa i Llobera, Barselona, Espania

Photo - Alexandr Babitsky

The garden is named on behalf of Majorcan - poet Costa i Llobera. The garden presents - palm trees, cacti and other species of the subtropical climate.

Cacti and palm trees on the mountain overlooking the sea

Among Montjuic Park's many attractions are a series of interesting gardens which showease all kinds of botanical species. The garden by this stop is named after the Majorcan poet Costa i Llobera and features an extensive collection of palm trees, cacti and other species from subtropical climates. This south-east-facing side of the hill, which overlooks the sea, provides them with the ideal habitat. The Miramar area is an undoubtedly romantic spot which offers breathtaking views of the city below. lf you want to experience even dizzier heights you can take the cable car from here down to port.

Miramar-Jardins Costa i Llobera - At the avenue Marques de Comillas there is this institution dedicated to the study of the botany and ecology. It has a library specialzed on that theme. We can find more than 600.000 plants from all around the world and more than thousand species are hold on its botanic garden. Mirarmar has been of the best romantic and specials places for viewing Barcelona.

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