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Why I love cacti


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Why I like cacti? Here's the truth, why? When and how they were able to displace with a window sill, and from my heart the other flowers?

Because they are strikingly different from other plants? Mysterious enclosed representatives flora kingdom, hidden in a some sort of secrecy and distrust hides from the world of thorns. As they struck my child look funny prickly his body as if it were not terrestrial plants, and sojourners from another world. But I decided that I want to cacti, but cacti and nothing other than cacti? For all this a long time on my window sill, it was not a lot less interesting plants - and a flower with purple hairy leaves, and magnolia vine, whose leaves are cut smelled of lemon, and the amazing "rock rose" and kalanhoe, born on the leaves of his little funny copy .

They were unusual, but as it gradually disappeared without trace, and two cactus is still imperturbably lived on the windowsill, did not ask for attention, to forgive me, grew up not requiring mockingly look at the regular brand-new settlers and did not intend to leave my window sill. I tied to the cactus, as pets, read science fiction where the hero of the book in the plant response for the care talked with him. Science fiction has long been the head of the weather, and the habit of talking to the cactus remains the same - to say: What is your morning? Is held a day without me? Or maybe not all fiction?

One night cactus, standing on the windowsill just above my head, because of its severity and does not correspond to the size of the pot he could not resist and broke down. His preserver body fat with strong thorns of glory on flying in centimeters from the person who can say on the length of prickles. It fell softly on the pillow and fell asleep next as if nothing had happened, if it were in the order of things that home is not asleep cacti in pots, and on the pillows of their hosts. As fifty cm, not counting the pot, fat thing in front of and for the convenience of adoration at night during flowering in front of my blessed breathing while asleep face, managed to pass it, not zadev, and landed on the sidelines? Whether wanted revenge for all their mental suffering, so do not get it? That would be cool (in other words, and not pick up), my face all of thorn, and a number of cactus, which lost these thorns ...

And on another occasion he was far-fetched to fall during the day, I moved, stood nearby and saw how he met the long jump to make. The first thought was: "now falls to the sill on the floor and - what am I doing? - Drew his hands, caught it fly at the same time thinking: "Oh, my God, now would be very painful, and even there, the idea could not emerge, as it is:" why do not hurt? " In fact, I caught him, lifted almost parallel with the floor (fortunately, the pot has not had time away from the window sill), but there was absolutely no pain, he did no thorn left in my hand. I do not know how to explain this amazing event. While the guy he was spiteful, and I very much to bite, when I tried to loose the ground (someone wise) and accidentally hurt his roots. That's when he did not give me down!, Snap thorn and cursing at cactaceous language. Here's to you and fantastic!

And it turned out that nothing but cacti on the windowsill and are not delayed, but they led to a funny scratchy ball to the long "leg", the long with the former mistress, so touching and selfless sway to the sun its huge head, and grew up in stay with me. The morning, turn it in the opposite direction, looking - and where force is drag to the light. And funny, and pity. There is a nice crisp Mamillaria, and they remained, in contrast to other colors, a long time and forever. And later on the background of my window began to glow silver silhouette Cleystocactus, emerged a clear line Izolatocereus, blue and gold thorn Pilosocereus, long legs Hylocereus and amazing variety of color, size, shape thorns, stems, flowers ... It was already after they have been not the cause but the consequence ...

Because it is convenient to collect them? Hmm. I remember, I gently removed my children from Echinopsis busily and sit them in separate pots, but all of the first wish of my child pseudo collectible stock closed the little brother, considering that funny scratchy piece will have more sense if they would fly from the balcony on the head bald uncle than vegetate in pots. Prickles children were still soft and could not provide the resistance sent cacti in flight. Judging by the fact that some homes did not increase sahuaro, cacti sprouted on someone's bald. And I never came, that it is possible to collect living plants, as the brand or cards, it can not collect books, and later on, I never thought of his collection of green pets just as a collection.

Their star flowers? This is an unbelievable shock when a nondescript doggish in the world thorns cactus fired huge dazzling beauty of a flower, occulting the moon in the night sky, so strikingly different from the contrast and sharpness and angularity of the cactus that opens to you the incredible secrets denudative for mask proud inaccessibility of the true tenderness of fragile mother of pearl petals. When you understand - this is worth waiting for years ... when feverishly enough pencils and paper to capture this moment, grabs a camera to stop the death of a flower, and you know - there is nothing to pass on this striking beauty, nothing ... except for the heart ...

I do not know. Perhaps all this has come slowly ... At that moment, when I first touched thorns small round balls, like the funny animals, in that moment when words - yes they are ugly, does not bloom and painful prick - do you think: how unlike they are on the other, as they clear the line, you need to open them, that they are allowed to give you a flower, and you are never to prick, to the moment when, almost believing that the cacti are not blossom into one amazing night, you enter the room, filled with fine aroma, and see heavenly flower, so strikingly elegant against the backdrop of serious thorns in that moment when you realize that the world cacti are so mysterious, varied, as if the Earth is unbeaten whole universe, incomprehensible to the uninitiated, a mysterious world, which is open to all, but enter into it ... not everyone can.


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